Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to tell what batch of Hop Project you have:

Skip over this if you already know, but we have some people new to our beer on our blog:

First, if there is a case display, check the case box. It's labeled on the top with what batch it is.
If no case box is around, check the label on the bottle, and see what month and week of that month it was bottled. Then go to our blog www.yazoobrew.blogspot.com, scan down the dated blog entries until you find the blog about the Hop Project that was bottled on that date. We'll tell you what hop varieties we used. Simple!

We wanted to have a spot on the label where we could indicate what batch it was, similar to having a vintage on a wine bottle. But the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms told us we would have to submit a separate label for them to approve for EVERY batch if we did that. Since we are now brewing one about every two weeks, that would get to be a huge headache. So using the bottled date and our blog seemed the best solution.

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Unknown said...

ah, I just learned this not too long ago. I guess it was #35 that I had the other day. Thanks for the info. Love your beer to death. Taking a whole bunch of it to Wisconsin this weekend share with the my fellow northerners! I think they will love it. If not, they're a buncha turkeys, I guess.