Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hop Project #26, out in kegs and bottles today! Plus other news...

Hop Project #26 was bottled 2nd week of Feb (look on the left side of the label for the bottled date). For this batch, we first wort hopped with Cascade and Nugget, and then added Amarillo and Centennial at 30 minutes left, Cascade and Nugget at 5 minutes left, and dry hopped after six days with about 1 lb/ barrel of Centennials. It has a wonderful floral nose, followed by rounded grapefuity bitterness, and finishing crisp and dry with a little bit of lingering chewy hop resins.

We took a little break on the Hop Project series, waiting on some varieties from the 2009 harvest to become available. We haven't used much Centennial in this Hop Project series, but I always remembered it fondly from homebrewing days. We like it, and hope you will too!

We're getting six-packs printed for Hop Project, and when they arrive, we will be transitioning the Hop Projects from our "Brewmasters" 4-pack packaging into its own six-pack. #26 will probably be the last Hop Project in the 4-packs.

Once the Hop Project is in its own six-pack, we will be releasing our Spring seasonal in the Brewmaster's 4-pack. We're bringing back the Rye Saison we brewed for our five-year anniversary! If you remember, it was a classic Belgian farmhouse ale, brewed with a spicy, fruity Belgian yeast. The addition of rye malt complements the fruitiness and peppery spiciness that comes from the yeast. Look for it in area stores in March!

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Great news on the return of the Rye Saison!