Monday, February 15, 2010

Stout infused with Olive and Sinclair

It really pays to follow us on Twitter. See that little icon over on the right side of this blog? Click on that icon to follow @yazoobrew on Twitter, and become one of the people who know the inside scoop on all the Yazoo happenings.

For instance, we tapped a keg of our Onward Stout, aged for a month with cocao shells from Nashville's local Willy Wonka factory, Olive and Sinclair! These are the shells from roasted cocao beans, still full of chocolate flavor. We announced on Twitter that we would be tapping a keg of this beer for Valentine's Day at 4 PM last Friday. It was gone in less than an hour! Thanks to all our Twitter followers who showed up en masse to sample it, and if you missed out, sorry - but follow us on Twitter to see when we tap a keg of Sue aged with the shells!