Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New brewery update

Wow, sometimes it feels like we are a glacier, moving an inch a day. But hey, global warming should speed us up soon, right? Here's what's happened lately:

1. We got approval from the fire marshal to not have to fire-rate the wall between the taproom and the brewery. Doing so would have cost us dearly in fire-rated doors and windows, as well as a fancy expensive fire alarm system.

2. NES finally hooked up our three-phase power! Thank you, especially for working this past Sunday in the snow! Now we can start testing the new brewhouse out!

3. We took down our Siemens Braumat controller at the old brewery and moved it over to the new, to start integrating it into the control system for the new brewhouse.

4. The boiler installation is almost complete, just waiting on the stack to arrive.

5. We've been doing the final trim work in the taproom, painting, hanging doors, installing baseboards.

6. We're having to wait on a break in the weather to finish our loading dock, it's been roughed in but we can't pour concrete until we get a slight warm spell.

7. Same thing on paving the parking lot, having to plan around all the bad weather.

8. Our grist hopper, which holds the grain after it has been through the mill and then feeds it into the mash mixer, arrived. In lots of little pieces and nuts and bolts! We're starting to assemble it today.

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