Monday, February 15, 2010

New location update...

We passed our health inspection! Rachael from the Metro Health Dept came by and inspected our new location (and commented on how much nicer, in her opinion, the new location will be!) She asked for us to add a couple of door closers, but other than that, we're good to go as far as Metro Health is concerned!

We'll be trying to get the Metro Fire inspection next, and if they approve, we can go before the beer board on the 24th! If approved, we could open the taproom up while we finish up in the brewery. All that is left there, on the inside, is firing up the boiler and finishing the mill auger hook-ups. That hopefully will coincide with our beer board meeting on the 24th, but then again I've learned not to get my hopes up about how fast construction goes.

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Brad said...

So is the taproom operated as a "tasting room" or a stand alone pub? Or does it even matter in the eyes of the beer board? Anyway, good luck on the move and can't wait to make it back up there when you guys are rolling in the new spot. See you in Memphis next weekend at the festival!